Friday, March 1, 2013

New 2013 Catalog is HERE!!! and March Spotlight

Happy Friday!!  A Muse Studio's 2013 Catalog is here!  You can view the catalog HERE.

I'm so excited about all the new products:

Stamp Sets
31 new stamps sets featuring a variety of art styles.

3 new signature colors: Mermaid, Berry, & Apple.
10 Petite Polka Dot colors:

           New: Papaya, Wasabi, Grapefruit, & Mermaid.
10 Chevron colors:

           New: Papaya, Mermaid, & Onyx.
All 10 colors featured in Petite Pinstripe!
           *Grapefruit *Cherry
           *Orange *Papaya
           *Wasabi *Bermuda
           *Mermaid *Navy
           *Seattle *Onyx

Signature seasonal collections now have 12 colors per palette.
Venetian palette has been transitioned to the main seasonal palette
2012's Signature collection renamed:

           *Burano = Poppy
           *Belini = Melon
           *Lido = Saffron
           *Rialto = Moss
           *Titian = Mushroom
3 new signature ink colors: Mermaid, Berry, & Apple.

New Pennant Die in 2 sizes: Perfect for custom banners!
11 stamp sets with matching dies.

Now in 15 colors:

            New: Bermuda, Pistachio, Lime, & Mermaid.

Washi Tape:
3 new collections: Vintage, Tuxedo, & Keep Calm (which features one double wide roll!)

Baker's cording in Navy/White.
Satin ribbon in Sugar.

New party supplies:
Paper straws now in 10 colors
Treat bags: Added 2 new styles in 6 colors and 2 sizes.
2 styles of wooden spoons.

March Spotlight Special

Welcome to the A Muse Studio Spotlight!
Where each month, selected stamp sets will share the spotlight with a gorgeous color palette to create projects that showcase the versatility of paper crafting.

For March, the following stamps are 10% off regular price:

And, for a limited time, order the special Egg
Hunt Cardstock Assortment Pack - an easy way to get the look showcased in this month's spotlight.

Assortment pack contains four (4) sheets each:
Melon (previously Bellini)

Item number: PAST313        $7.65

Spotlight pricing is good through 11:59pm Eastern time, March 31, 2012.
Contact me to place an order or if you want more details about these projects.