Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder

I can't believe that I'm already working on Christmas projects!!!  Where did the summer go??  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love working on handmade cards, decorations, presents, treats.....

Here is a Christmas Stocking Gift Card Holder:

I actually cut out the stocking by hand.  I cut out two stockings on Candy Cane Stripe Cardstock and used Cherry Cardstock for the heel and toe.  I used the Uniball White Gel pen to create the stitches on the heal and toe.  For the cuff, I used the Cherry Cardstock with the Fine Twill Vanilla Ribbon and attached it to the stocking using a gold brad.  

Now, I just have to make a few more before the holidays!  It never hurts to get started early.....  



  1. Very creative Brenda! I like how you used the brad to attach the cuff at the top and reveal the gift card!!

  2. You're very creative! I like that idea. I'll try to make one for my wife. Anyways thanks for sharing your idea and creativity.

  3. like the idea and the creativity..thanks for sharing it as i might need it when design Gift Card envelopes..thanks for sharing it.