Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Organization - Ribbon

Well, I've been sick ALL weekend!!! UGH!!!  I've mostly been laying in bed...drifting in and out of sleep as I watch (actually, more like listen while I doze) every season of Friends.  I've gone through a box and half of kleenex.  Good thing I stocked up on them at Costco.   The worst part is that I haven't been able to get "good" sleep because of all the coughing!!  I hope I feel better by Thanksgiving!!  

When you're sick, it's so hard to muster up energy to get things done. Of the few hours that I spent out of bed during the weekend, I used to organize my a|s ribbon.  I had bought a super large SnapWare at Joann's.  It's perfect for storing my collection of ribbon.  My last order consisted of A LOT of ribbon. :)

Here's a picture of 2 of the 3 tiers of the SnapWare.  The 3rd tier will be for embellishments and such....twinkles and pearls.  I only had enough energy to do the ribbon. 

I love storage boxes as much as I love stamping goodies!!  :D



  1. Hope you are feeling better! Try the Kleenex cool tissues... They really do work! Love the storage idea...I have the same love of containers!