Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey, Cupcake.

In the lounge (consultant message board), there was a discussion on what else you could do with the cupcake wrapper other than use it with cupcakes.

As I was driving home from work tonight, I remembered a project that would be great to use with the cupcake wrapper die!!  I saw this project 2 or so years ago and kept it in the back of my mind to use...just never found the time.  I even bought all the supplies back then!!!  Well, with an a|s more procrastinating.  Of course, with the new items JUST (February 1, 2012) being made available, I don't have my grubby little hands on the die.  But....I did have some leftover wrappers from an Acucut die that we had at the A Muse shop.  So, this project was not made with the new a|s cupcake wrapper die, but thought I would give it a shot and do a "practice" one since I had all the other supplies on hand.

Here is the new a|s cupcake wrapper die:

The dies have a pinking edge.  You get a set of 2 dies.  Visit my webstore (under Tools; Dies) for more information.

I know that we just got over Christmas, but this project is a Christmas project.  Knowing me, I probably need to get started now if I want these ready for Christmas 2012!! LOL!!!  

Cupcake Christmas Tree Ornament

I went from memory of what I saw 2 years ago.  If I find the link of the original blog, I will update this post.  

The wrapper is cut on the Onyx Shimmer Damask.  The cupcake part is a styrofoam ball.  I applied glue to the top of the ball and sprinkled it with a|s Silver Glitter (might need to try it with flock too).  The cherry is a pompom that I colored with Copic Lipstick Red.  I used a glue gun to attach the a|s Organdy Cherry Ribbon to the cherry and then adhere it to the top of the cupcake.  I used the glue gun to adhere the cupcake (styrofoam ball) in the wrapper.

I love cupcakes!!!  I would love to have a tree full of these ornaments.  I'm thinking....cupcakes covered in glitter, flock, ribbon, buttons........

My craft desk is a mess, so I better go clean up before the cats get any more glitter on them....BWHAHAHAHA!!!



  1. Pure genius! Love how you did this--clever and cute!

  2. So clever - and I too have all the supplies on hand - except for the wrappers, styrofoam ball, silver glitter and pom-pom. Looks like a shopping expedition is in order! I reckon I can sneak out without being noticed tomorrow afternoon! Thanks for enabling.