Friday, March 9, 2012

Nail Polish....not just for finger nails.

The only thing I used nail polish for, other than on my nails, was  to use clear nail polish to stop runs in my nylons.  Well, there's another use for nail polish!!  

Currently, A Muse Studio offers mini-brads in these colors:  



Antique Brass


Want to add more color to your projects?  Use nail polish!!  There are so many colors available now for nail, green, blue, yellow, all different shades.....what color brad you end up with is totally up to YOU!! 

The picture of my finished brads is awful, but it still gives you an idea of what the brads look like.  

I used the Sugar Mini Brads.  The brad on the left is a glittered brad.  I used clear nail polish and dipped the brad into the a|s silver glitter.  

I colored the middle brad a dark red (again, sorry for the poor picture) and the brad to the right is a rust color.

I'll be shopping for more colors this weekend....making sure to take my color chart with me so that I can match up the polish to the a|s colors.