Sunday, June 3, 2012

My fascination with Washi Tape continues

It's been a tough few weeks for me.  My sister decided to put her cat down after battling kidney disease for a month....a month where he dramatically lost weight (20lbs to 11lbs) and had to be given IV fluids on a daily basis.  It was devastating.  We know that our fur babies are only here with us for a short time, but the pain is overwhelming.  I had lived with my sister for almost 8 years, so Koobie was a huge part of my life.  

Then, in the last week, I have been dealing with my own fur baby, Kitty, being sick.  Both my cats are not ones to turn down food.  My cats are constantly begging for food.  So, when he wouldn't eat his breakfast, it was an immediate trip to the vet.  After running some blood tests and xrays, most likely he has an infection.  He's on antibiotics and pain meds now....he's been able to eat a bit, so that makes me feel better.  Hopefully, he will be back to his usual self soon.  

With all this happening, I needed a break.....time to concentrate on something else.  So, I turned to my favorite hobby.....card making!!

In the title of this blog, I said I was fascinated with Washi Tape.  To be honest, it's not just a fascination's an ADDICTION!!! LOL!!  It's just so much fun to play with.  Here are a couple cards I made using Washi Tape:

I started out with making the banners on a stick by lining up 2 layers of Washi Tape on Sugar cardstock.  The length of each piece is about 2 inches.  Then I used super stick tape, folding the 2 inch piece in half and securing the stick (I used a wooden skewer cut down to size...a toothpick or a hatpin will also work).  For the card, I used Sugar cardstock and Ocean cardstock.  The Happy Birthday sentiment is from the Hey, Cupcake set.  I used Copic RV14 Begonia Pink to color in the bubbles.  The layered sentiment is adhered using 3D foam adhesive.  I thought I was done, but I felt that the card was still missing "something".  So.......

I added buttercup paper flowers with twinkles in the center.  

Onto my next card.  This was a fun card to make.  The base of the card is made with Cherry, Sugar, and Shell cardstock.  The banner was created using Washi Tape and Cherry/White Baker's Twine.  Just folder over the Washi Tape over the twine and cut to shape.  The cake stamp is from the Build A Cake set.  I used the Cherry and Bubblegum Petite Polka Dot cardstock to paper piece the layers of the cake.  

The hardest part was tying the tiny bows on the end.....I'm not the best when it comes to tying bows!!!  

Hope you enjoyed these cards.  Have a wonderful week....can't believe how fast the weekends seem to go by.


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