Monday, March 7, 2011

A Muse Craftastic Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a busy, fantastic one. It started on Friday evening with a "Craftastic" night with Rhiannon Christianson. I was able to spend some time with her before the crafting night began. Before we got started with my question/answer period with her, she shared some exciting news!!

If you hadn't heard, Paper Craft Magazine reached 25,000 fans and gave away some amazing prizes. 20 winners received a year's subsciption to the magazine and 5 winners received a mystery box. She WON a mystery box. I was so happy for her. I couldn't believe how heavy that box weighed!!! It was COMPLETELY filled with all kinds of goodies....paper, stamps, embellies, powders, name it, it was in there!! Congrats to Rhiannon!!!!

Now, getting back to the night...It was an awesome time with making terrific projects, snacking on delicious munchies and getting some questions answered about AS. Oh...I can't miss mentioning Rhiannon's amazing cupcakes!!!!....strawberry cupcakes with strawberry jam filling and marshmellow frosting. YUMMY!!!!
Here are the projects we completed:

All of the projects were made with stamps from the new consultant starter kit. There are 4 sets of stamps in the starter kit that are exclusive (not for sale in the catalog - only available to new consultants). Here are pictures of those sets:

Sampler set one

Sampler set two

Sampler set three
Sampler set four
Before I met with Rhiannon, I received some great questions from people. I imagine many of you will have the same questions. There may even be questions you haven't yet thought of. I thought I would share all of questions & answers:
1. When does the quarter start?
The quarter starts on March 1, 2011 with the launch of AS. The quarters are based on calendar quarters. So, first quarter ends on March 31, 2011. The second quarter ends on June 30, 2011.
2. You receive an extra 10% discount to use on one consultant order within the first 45 days of joining AS. When does the 45 day start?The 45 day period starts from the date your agreement is accepted by AS. So, if you signed your agreement on March 1st, but didn't get approved until March 2nd, your 45 day period starts on March 2nd.
3. May I use other "stuff" on my cards/projects as long as I don't promote them?Yes, you may use other products that are not AS. The question is why would you? This is YOUR business, so you want to make as much in sales with AS product. It's understandable if you want to use something that AS does not provide.
4. Am I allowed to use my Cuttlebug or Grand C instead of the Big Shot?This goes in line with question #3. Yes, you may, but you want to promote AS product, including the Big Shot, to help you make sales.
5. What is the quarterly minimum?Again, remember at this time the quarter started on March 1, 2011 with the launch of AS. The quarters are based on calendar quarters. So, first quarter ends on March 31, 2011. However, you will not be required to meet your minimum this first quarter. The next quarter ends on June 30, 2011. Within the quarter, you have to have $300 worth of retail sales. The retail sale is using the catalog price for AS product.
6. May I post other blogs on my blog as long as they are not asking for sales?Yes.
7. May I be a member of a design team of another company?Yes, as long as you are not involved in direct sales with that company.
8. Are all AS paper 8 1/2 X 11?Yes. They are sold in packages of 20. Please refer to the catalog (hard copy or online) for the choices that are available.
9. May I make up flyers to promote parties and such using AS on the flyers?You are an independent consultant under the umbrella of AS. This is YOUR business, so you may promote your business any way you want. Just make it tasteful. LOL!!
10. Am I assigned a consultant when I sign up?If you have not requested to be under a specific team, you will be assigned a consultant who is closest to your area. Once the AS website is fully functional, new consultants will be able to sign up under their preferred consultant by providing that consultant's ID number. While the website is being perfected, the consultant should email to let AS know the name of the person(s) signing up under you.
11. On the new consultant checklist, it recommends opening a separate checking account for my business. Is this necessary?This is just a suggestion. You are not required to open up a separate checking account. Some people may find it difficult to keep separate their personal finances from AS business and may run into "funding" issues. If you are able to manage both your personal and AS business using the same checking account, that is your perogative. Keeping a separate checking account is just a prudent business practice.
Thank you to those who sent me their questions. If anyone has other questions or want to become an AS independent consultant or place an order, please contact me.
Thank you for visiting....I'm still working on my new blog, so please bare with me during this "under construction" mode.
I hope to get a weekly post on here, so be sure to follow me.

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