Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finding more ways to organize

A couple weeks ago, I was reading up on a thread on Splitcoaststampers about how people are organizing their daubers and glimmer mists.  Someone posted a rotating tray that they found at Harbor Freight Tools.  

Earlier this week, I happened to be driving by a local Harbor Freight store, so I stopped by to pick up a tray.  There were 2 trays left.  I didn't see any price listed, so I asked an employee that was walking by with a price gun if he could get me the price.  He said it was $6.49.  Well, at that price of course I had to get the remaining 2 trays!!!  When I went to the register, it rang up as $19.99.  When I mentioned that I was quoted a price of $6.49, the clerk calls for a manager....I didn't ask him to do that.  Wouldn't you know....the guy who scanned the price with the price gun WAS the manager.  He authorized the clerk to give them to me for the $6.49 he quoted.  I know that there is a store-wide sale this weekend....maybe the trays got priced early for the sale.  

Here is what one of the trays looks like now....

I lined the inside of the tray with white CS and trimmed the edges with a|s Sage Gingham Patterned Paper.  

Putting the tray together wasn't too hard, but it sure did take longer than I wanted it to.  The kit came with 72 pairs of nuts and bolts!!!  Plus 3 larger pairs for the base.  Just look at the second picture... see all the hardware???  LOL!!!  There are 2 trays with 6 "pies" and 2 trays with 3 "pies".   Can't wait to fill up the trays with more a|s goodies....especially with what may be in store in the new catalog!!!  

The bottom 2 trays would be great for jars of buttons.

Love to organize!!!. 

Now, I'm going to go find more supplies to fill up the trays and also work on some projects using my pre-order items from the new Catalog.  Stay tuned.....



  1. Thanks for sharing. I love organizational tips. Nice find at Harbor Freight!!!!

  2. oooh! What a great idea--I love how you decorated them!

  3. how NEAT! I've never seen that store so must not be in my part of the country. I'll have to see if they have a website. TFS! love the cardstock decoration too - awesome!

  4. I would so love to be organised Brenda...these were certainly a huge bargain and I would be going back to that store very often to see what else I could pick up lol
    Mina xxx

  5. What a bargain!!!...thanks for popping by to say hello!Now if you buy anything from HF they assume your are "handy" with nuts and bolts! LOL