Saturday, January 21, 2012

The very FIRST A Muse Studio Conference and sneak peeks

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend our very first national bummed!!!  This year, the conference was held in New Orleans.  I've never been to NOLA, so it would have been so exciting if I could have attended to not only attend the conference, but also to experience the city.  Many of the ladies and a|s shared photos on their facebook pages and blogs.  Here are some of those photos to show a little sneak peak at some of the new items in the 2012 catalog!! :)

A fellow consultant, Melinda Fisher, is at the conference and shares some photos.....Thank you, Mindy!!!  

Mindy shared what the new polka dot paper looks like....yummy!!  We will also have a new signature palette with new paper, ink, etc. And finally, there are new colors being added our base colors.

A Muse studio shared some photos on facebook, as well.  Here's a super gift bag all the attendees received....LUCKY!!

Another picture on A Muse Studio facebook showing some happy faces!!

Back to some more photos from Mindy showing some of the make n' take cards. 

Mindy, thank you very so much for sharing your awesome pictures on your blog.  Everything is fabulous....have a fantastic time!!  

And last but not least, Mindy showed us the new sampler set.  It will replace the #3 of the current sampler sets.

Oh....and stay tuned!!  Some amazing news as to a company that a|s will be partnering will LOVE it!!


Update.....I found these pictures from the conference on Heather Scott's (another a|s consultant) blog.....thanks, Heather!!

Cover of the new 2012 catalog!!

Update....Mindy posted more pictures from the conference.  These are sample cards a|s provided using some of the new sets.  Are you excited?!?!!??

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